We Specialize in Brand Development,

Graphic Design and Visual Content Creation



" Design is One and A picture is worth a thousand words ”


To us, design is art. It tells a story. It conveys a message.

It represents a unique identity that reflects the company’s purpose.

Our main goal is to help business grow and at the same time providing a safe space for passionate designers to explore their creativity and talent.

We welcome diversity, we appreciate challenges and we want to build a sense of connection between you and your customer.

Our vision is to bring our rich Cambodian culture and perspective to the world, at the same time adding modern & creative style.

Our team is composed of young and inspiring people with different creative backgrounds such as Digital Design, Interior , Professional Photography and Film.

Mari Shida

Co- Founder / Manager

Sakura Shida

Co- Founder / Developer

Yoochun Chen

Co- Founder / Director of Photography

With experiences working with 100+ SME and Global brands in Cambodia and International

Selected Clients

#breadteam x Canddy

Graphic Designer